Looking for rec - ideal/stable version of Xcode

After taking a small break from iOS development, I am about ready to get back in, but I think my Xcode might need to be upgraded. I currently have Xcode 11.0. Is this still a viable version, or does this need to be higher in order to build iOS? I have no problem installing a newer version, but I wanted to see what version the community is using with success. Version 13.1 is available, but I like to stay behind the most current a tad and use the latest stable version

If you want to build for iOS 15, you’re going to need at least Xcode 13

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13.2 just dropped today :slight_smile:

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Thanks guys. And Xcode 13 is working well for all? Looks like this needs at least Big Sur. It’s probably time to make the jump! Anything I should be aware of? I’ve read some other posts with BS and a few issues. Just looking for the majority vote :slight_smile: