Looking for ideas or want to help out


thanks to MacHeist I am an owner of a Xojo Desktop license I purchased last year. But due to a lot of time constraints I found no time in getting a start with Xojo until now. So I started now getting to know all the benefits of the Xojo ecosystem. Especially the out-of-the-box crossplatform support and being very close to the good old Visual Basic are topcs that are really interesting for me.

But I do not want to write the 100th TimeTracker, Calculator, TextEditor app and I am not the smartest person in finding new ideas what tools to write for learning purposes. So i wanted to ask you guys, if you have ideas what can be of any interest for the Xojo community or if you have some functions that need to be written for your tools. I just wanted to get started :slight_smile:

In my daytime job I am an employed developer for C++ and Python, specialized right now for Data management (handling big data) and server management. Coding experience is available, I am no complete rookie :slight_smile:

I started writing some small Xojo modules which are at the moment reeeeaaaaly rudimentary (and will be further developed) that consume the Reddit API and Pinboard.in API. You can find both on github:

ReddiDesk: https://github.com/tbass/reddidesk
Pinner: https://github.com/tbass/pinner

I really appreciate feedback on both.

I started yesterday in the German part of the forum the same question and received besides a warm welcome some good ideas to starts with. Maybe here are some more. :slight_smile:

I really like to be part of the great Xojo community. Keep up the good work with this great platform!

Glad to read such a nice message and welcome to Xojo. There is an amazing community here, as good as Xojo itself. It’s a confortable place were people are very nice, with Xojo or others very interesting Off-topic (non-xojo) forum topics to read and follow.

I think your C++ skills will be very valuable for Xojo community. There are a lot of people sharing their Xojo classes and knowledge ( for example IOS wrapper helper ) and plugins are some kind of obscure magic ball that could benefit a lot, but IMO, unfortunately there are not many C++ coders willing to teach about creating C/C++ plugins or creating DLLS and making it easy to be called within Xojo if C speed is requited for your code needs.

Calling native code within Xojo with kinda novice/pro/expert examples or some tool that could help creating your own wrapper would be in my opinion invaluable. Here goes my feedback :wink:

I am working on some projects, one is an online game (MMO) I licensed from a company years ago and I am in the process of porting it to Xojo and maybe license it for other gamers to create their own games easily, like MMO Maker, written in Xojo with some needed plugins. Have kept it somewhat secret… :wink: By that I mean I could get Xojo as a prototype tool to begin with some quick tests and found it could be the perfect choice for selling a tool that allows people to create their own Diablo 2 MMOs. Once you get used to it, it’s really great to discover that there is a very well designed OOP, modern and in constant evolution in thing you have downloaded and find it really cool!

Regarding your question about ideas about creating something new, not creating a new tetris clone, can you be more specific about if you like to create free software/social/entertainment/utils… I have tons of ideas, some of them hilarious :stuck_out_tongue:

Not sure on the demand for these but personally I don’t need all of them:

What would be cool for me (but maybe not many others and shouldn’t take too long):

  • API that aids in uploading to online game sites


Welcome Tom! Glad to have you apart of this community!

How about an installer that makes installing PostGres for your app simple?

See https://forum.xojo.com/19495-what-database-should-i-use/0#p163514

Welcome :slight_smile:
I could do with some help converting a python or C++ TCP Client to Xojo, I have working examples in both languages…even C# which is well commented
or some general QT/C++ XML help, probably the easiest :slight_smile:

Welcome :slight_smile:

Since you are working with C++ and Python.

It could be interesting if you converted the Python IMAP client to XOJO. This will give benefits to all XOJO platforms. Unfortunately I never had time to do it yet. XOJO only support POP but no IMAP.

Thank you very much for the warm welcome!

I am completely overwhelmed by the sheer amount of great ideas. There are a lot of great ideas to start with and I definitely need to make up my mind where to start.

As it was mentioned twice (asked the same in the german speaking part of the forum) the IMAP library seems to be a good thing to have. Maybe I gonna have a look at this… I need to look and think about it. I will definitely come back to all of your great ideas and will talk about them directly in PM’s to not mess up this thread :slight_smile:

Thanks again for your great welcome and ideas!

OpenZWave is a very cool project that is an open source version of ZWave (owned by Sigma Designs). OpenZWave is a C++ project and with your C++ experience perhaps turning this into a Xojo plugin? :wink:


I would love to write my own Home Automation solution with Xojo and Xojo IOS, but RESTful APIs are not found anywhere near OpenZWave :slight_smile: