Looking for Icons

Where do you get your icons for toolbars? I need them for Mac and Windows.

i use icons8 the app (small icons until 96px are free)
after drag & drop into a xojo app you need collect project items (else they was temporary), but be carefull with oher external files in the project.

had also a bookmark for

and that seems mac only

I like https://www.flaticon.com

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Icon54 - 5000 vector icons
Symbolicons - thousands of icons in four distinct styles

Depends on what you want: https://www.syncfusion.com/downloads/metrostudio

i use the icons8.com too… very good app

Be aware that their free license, even for icons below 96px, require attribution. I’d personally be ok with that, but it’s not the same as actually free.


I use https://thenounproject.com/

They do require attribution unless you have a subscription.