Looking for graphic artist to create toolbar icons

I’ve been muddling along adapting Apple’s standard icons for my own purposes, but I’m not particularly satisfied with the results. I’d welcome feedback from people who have hired someone to do this (and perhaps create other icons as well). Any recommendations? Thanks.

I love the work of Jordan Langille .

See: I’m not a graphic designer…

Thank you both for your help. One more question. I’ve been making icons by (mostly) get a copy of an icon from an Apple-made application’s Resources folder (an image) and creating several forms of it (normal, pressed, disabled, etc.) that will reflect the various states it might assume. I add all to the project, and then display the one I want in any given situation. This is labor intensive and time consuming. Is that what most people are doing? Or are there shortcuts that help? I’m writing only for Cocoa, so Cocoa-specific APIs or resources are just fine.

Hey Jonathan,

Check this site out: I have found all my icons here and they cost around $5 each… you can either buy in full series or singles.

They even do custom work. HQ I think they are in Russia or something. Very reliable.

Thank you very much, I will.

He’s the artist Xojo uses. Did the app icon, control icons, toolbar icons, navigator icons, and command bar icons.

Tons of icons, many free, many a buck or two, and most are available as a set:


Icon finder is just a repository for a lot of artist.