Looking for gantt / scheduling controls

Are there any gantt chart controls available that work well with XOJO web apps? Need to illustrate days-long tasks against a gantt calendar, to color code the tasks, and let users move tasks on the calendar, and finally… to draw tasks (start/finish) in order to initiate a data entry page.

Something similar in appearance to DBI-Tech’s gantt chart controls… here…

Nothing comes to mind. Sorry.

Thanks for the reply Bob. I’ve been reading your website blogs recently and the amt of postings & contributions that you provide to the community is impressive.

The lack of a gantt / barchart scheduling control is a show stopper, unfortunately. Hopefully, i’ll come across one soon.

I spoke too soon. It looks like the Monkeybread ChartDirector plugin can do basic Gantt charts http://www.monkeybreadsoftware.de/realbasic/chartdirector/gallery_gantt.shtml

One thing to be aware of in Web Edition apps is that MouseDrag doesn’t work well (at least natively to Xojo). There might be some magic out there that allows this is the new WebCanvas but that is outside of my expertise.

Thank you!

This is an impressive-looking javascript gantt chart. I have emailed bryntum regarding Xojo/RS compatibility. Is it possible to roll this into a Xojo project/page?


The answer is probably. I know that several developers have used extensive javascript libraries in their Xojo applications. The new WebCanvas and WebSDK should make this possible. The folks at Taylor Design http://webcustomcontrols.com might be able to help you since they have experience in that area.

You can try Xojo Gantt from here http://www.pesarosystem.it/xojo-gantt-english.asp.