Looking for creative way to display Reminders in Web

I have a WebApp that doesn’t have any available screen area and uses WebDialog’s to present brief announcements to the User. Works great, no issues with this.

However, the next version needs to incorporate a means of displaying ‘Reminders’. I have all the mechanics working and am (currently) presenting these in another WebDialog. The problem is that they stack on top of one another and it’s not an idea way to handle this type of notification.

I’d considered using a WebContainer that has a WebListBox and is tied to one of the corners of the screen - to mimic the behavior of how Outlook/Mail display preview notifications. I haven’t coded this yet and thought I’d run it past the Forum to see if someone has a better or at least an alternate idea.

Thanks for any/all input!

Maybe a Toast will be a good option?
See: Move Toast to top center

@AlbertoD you always have great ideas - thanks for the pointer, will give it a look/try and post any useful results.

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Howabout a new popover ?

where can I find the Xojo toast class ??? for actual xojo … ???

Check the code that Ricardo uploaded here:

I asked twice to be updated for next release but still open and 2024r2 still ships with bootstrap46-toast.

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I stuggled to convert popovers and tooltips from BS4 to BS5 for the ButtonWithIcon websdk…
so I understand the problem
and may be I can solve it quite quick …

I’m not sure if my information was clear.
The code in #75360 is for Bootstrap 5 but the example shipped with Xojo is for Bootstrap 4.
The only thing left to do to close that case is to replace what ships with Xojo with Ricardo’s new code. I’m not sure who is in charge of those updates.


Ah OK so I have nothing to do for this, only xojo team can handle…
anyway as they can change examples anytime as they are online, they don’t need to update it with a new version shipping.

I’m sorry I don’t fully understand what you are saying. If you download the code from the Issue you should be able to use it with current Xojo.

This example is shipped in: Extras - WebSDK - Examples - Bootstrap Toast - bootstrap46-toast.xojo_binary_project
this is not something that they can update online.

What I did is delete the ‘Bootstrap Toast’ folder that ships with Xojo and replace it with the ‘Bootstrap Toast’ folder from the Issue. The binary inside is called bootstrap-toast.xojo_binary_project instead.

Thank you everyone for your contributions to this topic. I’m about 4-5 days away from having to present a concrete solution for this client-project, and everyone’s suggestions are greatly appreciated. I’ll be circling back to close this issue and post anything of value. Thanks!