Looking for Animation Kit users

I’ve been working on a major 3.0 update of my Animation Kit. Though I’ve been charging for my recent Zircon series stuff, Animation Kit will always remain free and open source. I’m in the very final stages now and I’m looking for feedback from users who use these classes in real projects. Head over to https://thezaz.com/contact/ and drop me a line if you’ve got some time and would like links to the project and (very extensive) documentation.

Hi Thom. I keep getting a warning that the line to “thezaz” is untrusted. Is there a reason for that?

My certificate expired a while ago. I really want to renew it, but can’t afford it yet.

This works : http://thezaz.com/contact/

I didn’t even realize I put the secure link there. It’s absolutely not necessary on the contact page.