Looking for a request box

Am I overlooking it… or is there not a “yes/no” type request box? Surely I’m overlooking it…

If you’re looking for a place to file Feature Requests for Xojo, please use our Feedback application.

If you’re looking for a control, look at CheckBox.

Ok, that didnt help out any. You do realize there is a difference between a “checkbox” and a “request box”?

At any rate…I found what I was looking for… messagedialog

Obviously we (or at least Greg and I) do not know what YOU mean by a “request box”
And being rude is most likely to get users here to ignore your future requests for help.

If someone responds in a way that shows your question did not convey enough information… Do not make a rude comment, but instead provide an alternate explanation supplying more information.

This may be especially important for those users where English is not your primary language and there may be a level of difficulty getting your question in such a form that the rest of us know what you are looking for.

He’s from Texas. Just be glad he didn’t shoot Greg … :wink:

weeelll…I do have quite the arsenal.

I dunno…to me a request box is a request box…a checkbox is something completely different.
Nevertheless…figured out what I was looking for.

Besides…I just fell off my tumbleweed…so excuse my rudeness :wink: