Looking for a developer to build me a cross platform app for cryptography

I am looking for a good developer who has good experience with xojo and cryptography to build me an app somewhat similar to the digicert certificate utility: DigiCert Certificate Utility for Windows | DigiCert.com

in short, i want an App that looks clean and is native to all OS’s. UI is important to me.
And some features include:
Create/Import/Export Private Keys, CSRs, Certificates with support for multiple formats.
Password/encryption protection.
Interact with an API (mostly built and good to go) to submit CSRs and download signed certificates.
Security is important.
The App will load a database file (encrypted) which will contain all the users certificates/keys etc.
They can have multiple databases open in different windows.

the budget is between $1000 to $2000 USD depending on your skills/experience and what you can do. I maybe able to get more for it later on if we build upon it to make it even better.

Please PM me if you are interested with your telegram or skype so we can discuss further, please also provide examples of your work.

no one interested?
if there is anything that can make you interested in the project, please let me know.

The budget is insulting.


$2000 for 2 weeks work is insulting?
How much do you get paid for a weeks work?

For a full app you can expect hundreds of hours of work. A developer hour costs 100$. So 1-2k is not realistic at all.

Of course, you can try to get some Indians. But not for Xojo. And you will want someone you can think and not discuss for 10 minutes how to calculate percentages (that really happened to me).


If you are an employee then $1000 per week is ok.

If you are self-employed then you have health insurance, retirement fund, equipment deprecation, etc etc to deal with too.

So you are comparing oranges and apples, and $2000 probably gets you 20-25 hours tops.

Can it be done in that time frame? If you already have a similar project done then yes, otherwise the time scale you envision is probably unrealistic.

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It’s not my job but some years ago a guy gave me 1000 € to develop an application to build Cards game for my memory game. Once finished, I told to myself : “Waouuuw, I won’t stop my job to become a developer !”. I took me more time than expected, it always take more time. It’s true than the guy added functions he wanted while I was developing and sending him the intermediates betas.
It was ok for me because it was an extra.

Paul, I sell stove to installers. When a guy wants a stove, he doesn’t phone and say “I have 3000 $ and I want this stove”. He says “I want this stove at this place, what does it cost ?” or “I have 3000 $, which stove can I have for that price ?”.
But it’s not insulting, it’s clumsy.

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‘I know thats what I said, but what I MEANT…’

It was already said here (or in the previous forum or in the Digest…) to list the application features (froze them) at contract time to avoid this kind of things.

Usually, the client add features for the same price… :frowning:
The client also is capable to ask for the finished product two weeks / two month earlier “I need it asap”…

Honestly I think you have missed a zero from your budget.


that thing bothers me a lot : you will spend hours if not days to move everything pixel by pixel…
it must be taken into account in the job’s price.

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Not for an experienced technical/scientific professional in most fields around here! That is more like an entry level salary.


A variation of the 80/20 rule:

The first 80% of the project takes the first 80% of the time. The last 20% takes the other 80% of the time!


Fast, cheap and solid: Pick two of them, you can‘t have all three.

That’s why I said “ok” and not “good” … but I was uncharacteristically kind in my response, so that might have thrown you off :wink: