Looking for a Consultant

Does anyone know of a REALbasic person who I could hire for help?
Prerequisites: 1. Good knowledge of RB and SQL.
2. Good communicator
3. Lives within 100 miles of North Fayston Vermont!!
Thanks, (Desperate) Tom Bisbee

To be fair this should probably be moved into the ‘Xojo PRO’ Forum.

Probably the best bet would be to put this on the Find a Consultant list at http://xojo.com/support/consultants.php. Paul does some screening so the right questions get asked and it’s complete.

FWIW, we’ve been Xojo Consultants for 12 years and have worked with clients all around the world. We could probably help. Unfortunately, we’re in Kansas City and that’s outside your required area. If you don’t find anyone you can look us up at http://www.bkeeney.com.

I know several professionals here that can help out, and met the first two requirements. they all are disqualified on the last one. So if you can live without the last one, check out the consultants link that Bob posted.

good luck!

Thanks for your ideas, I have contacted xojo consultants.