Looking for 2 full-time Xojo Developers to Hire

For the last 25 years, I have been the only developer at my company, Softbase Development, Inc… We produce basically one extremely large application - about 700,000+ lines of code. This is an enterprise application for a vertical market, Industrial Equipment / Forklift Dealership Management Business System. (GL, AP, AR, Depr, Parts Inventory, Equipment Inventory, Invoicing, Service Management, Rental Management, etc.) Besides the Desktop primary application, there is also a web based application (also written in Xojo) for Mechanic Dispatch and Entry, Transportation Dispatch, Sales Rep CRM, and a Customer Portal.

We are now wanting to start an aggressive expansion of the company and market share. With that, we would like to hire 2 more full time developers to work remotely, or in office if you happen to live in the greater Houston, TX area. Obviously, the code is 100% written in Xojo. However, the product was originally written in Visual Basic, and subsequently rewritten (from nearly scratch) in Xojo with the majority of users running Windows, and a handful running Macs. Currently there are about 2000+ end users in our customer base spread across the US, Canada, and Mexico.

If you have any questions or any interest at all, please reply to this conversation or email me at terry@softbasedev.com, and we can take it from there!


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