Look&Feel: piDog DataView vs Xojo Listbox

@jim mckay, It became more sluggish. could you please check. I am checking this on windows 10.

@jim mckay Looks great, unfortunately it’s beyond my budget but i may say it’s worth every penny/cent. I didn’t notice the slugginess that Sunil seems to see, maybe my hardware is a bit faster. (Also tested on Windows 10).

@Sunil Abraham Can you give me more details? Where are you seeing slugishness? Scrolling, loading, selection dragging?

@jim mckay, what i meant is the font sluggishness. Please see the fonts for both heading and rows in the below image. compare it with Xojo Listbox and the DataView.

I understand now. How does this look?

I’ll try and have an update ready in the morning.

@jim mckay, Its better now. but not crispier like Xojo ListBox. The Fonts look little blurry in DataView, maybe because you are using canvas to draw the fonts.

yes ! and we have some inexplicable crashes on Windows 7 and 10