Long (?) standing bug in my code

I have this since… 2002 ? before ? I do ot recall.

In a project, I have an icon for each supported OS (Linux, OS X and Windows ++).

Earlier today, I found that my Linux (dropped to the Xojo project from a legacy old project) logo image name is Linux1.

Ithink I’ve done an error and delete the ending 1 to sind it comes back all by itself. After some attempts (and some delete the image, drag it again to the IDE), I exported my project to XML (fortunately I am still able to do that), load the xml file in TextEdit (Apple) and made a quest for the Linux string. After a while, I found it there:

<block type="BuildStepsList" ID="270599346"> <ObjName>Linux</ObjName> <ObjContainerID>242785120</ObjContainerID> </block>

Also, to be sure that matters, I tried to make a Linux build and get errors because in the code I used Linux and the image name is… Linux1.

I deleted all potential offending images and suffixed them “Logo“, and replaced any space character with a ‘_’.

BTW: it was a long time since I make a Linux build: this explain why I discovered (by pure hazard) this bug. My old VirtualBox does not allowed me to install a Linux distro. So I stopped to make Linux builds.

I also found (1):
If by bad luck you use a digit as a file name, it will be changed to Untitled in the IDE. I noticed that long ago, but I gforgot it as fast as I renamed the original file name.

‘1-Logo’ is renamed in the IDE to ‘Logo’ (same stripping apply to ‘0123456789-Logo‘).

‘?0123456789-Logo’ is changed to ‘?0123456789Logo’. I let the reader(s) to check ll other possible variations.

I also found (2):

<block type="BuildStepsList" ID="1239882169"> <ObjName>Mac OS X</ObjName> <ObjContainerID>242785120</ObjContainerID> </block>

FWIW: “Mac OS X” current name is “OS X“. Now, you have the right to write it the way you like.