Long project load times

I have a project with 879 external Xojo code files (Classes, Modules etc.). This project is saved in XML format. Also all external project files are saved in XML format (extensions are .xojo_xml_code and .xojo_xml_window). Three referenced files have a file size of 1 MB, all other files are under 512 KB. This project loads in under a minute in Xojo 2016r2 on Mac OS 10.11.5. So far, so good.

Yesterday I created a new project and dropped a folder with all external code files by pressing Alt + Command to reference the files. It takes about 7 minutes! Saving the project in XML format is quick. But to open it, it takes also about 7 minutes (BTW: same time if it’s saved in Xojo Binary format)! Editing and saving is no problem, it’s as quick as in the old project. But seven minutes to open a project?! That’s totally unusable!

Both, the old and the new project have identically references to the same files. The old project opens still in under a minute.

But: If I save the new long loading project in “Xojo Project” format, it loads as fast as the old project, in under a minute!
What’s going on here!

All files are stored on a SSD. The load progress bar is nearly full in a few seconds. 90 % of the total load time I see a 90 % filled progress bar. It seems that the issue is on building the project tree or something else.

take a sample when you open the project and file a report with that attached


has this changed significantly from beta to now ?

I created the new project yesterday with the final version. When opening the project the last beta behaves like the final version.

BTW: Typing in the code editor and auto-complete is super fast when the project is saved in Xojo project format. Searching is also faster as in the other project save formats.