Login to Google or Facebook

Is there anybody who successfully implemented login to facebook or google like this screen?login to facebook and google - Google Search 2020-09-07 02-42-32

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Check out CURL from the MBS plugin and the Chilkat plugin.

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Hi Bea,

Have you done it?

I have an old example on my website for logging in with OAuth for Gmail. Back when Gmail wasn’t deemed a security risk.

http://www.mothsoftware.com/downloads/gmail_oauth.zip .

Thanks Bea,
the file you shared requires chilkat which Unfortunately I dont have. :frowning:

I hope there will be somebody here that can create commercial plugin which will introduce facebook, gmail login which is very common to most web app.

Chilkat IS a commercial plugin. CURL should work similarly.

chilkat doesn’t work for web at my knowledge, as it works with an own build in “Webserver” for receiving the response from the provider. cURL is your friend. I think there is no documentation as everyone has to deal with own token and secrets and everyone is doing it a bit differently …

Thanks guys!

Maybe a people from XOJO can share their insights regarding this matter.

if you will pay their consultancy services :wink: - seriously, everyone has their own requests. You want Facebook / Google, someone else SAP, or Oracle :-). In @Christian_Schmitz Curl plugin there is an example for twitter.

yeah. I have MBS 2019 and I saw sample in twitter. But got hard time working with facebook and gmail