Lockscreen/HomeScreen Metrics

Does anyone know of a website/document that details where on the Lockscreen the TIME and “Slide to Unlock” coordinates are for each device?

I need to know (again for each device) the area of the screen that would not overlap either of those.

Note : I am aware of “notifications”, but for what I need those do not concern me… Just how far down to get below the Time and how far up to get above the Slide to Unlock…

I have googled until my head hurt, and was amazed that this is not readily available data.

Just tried “ios lock screen” at http://images.google.com and found an amazing sample of such pictures. From the size of the pictures, it should be possible to infer the device.

I was hoping for official documents… they (Apple) seem to document everything else in the HIG except this,
and unfortunatly the iOS simulator is no help as the “LockScreen” is black no matter what I seem to do