Locking controls in web IDE

This seems to be related to (Xojo: Account Login)`.
I want to create a fixed-width centered layout for a web page and, like many others evidently, I can’t do it unless I put everything in a tab or page panel control, which I did. And that works okay, except now I can’t change the page panel pages without a control external to the page panel, which means that button or popup ends up way to the right or left of where I want it.

I’m assuming somebody’s working on this. To make it clear, I don’t care if the lock right or left work at all. I just want to center my page and have all the controls stay where I put them. This is achieved easily in css and even in html so I naturally expected this feature to be functioning.

I tried “LockRight”, “LockLeft” and “LockHorizontal” in various combinations and places (button, webpage, session (someone recommended it but I got errors). I am trying measuring the width from the left and dividing next, but, being lazy, I thought I’d check on the status of this fix first.

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Use a container control sized to hold your controls. Center the container control on the page. Lock the control to the page like this:


The container will remain centered to the page.



I am centering them all with a PagePanel control now, which works fine. I am now in the process of creating a container control for the PagePanel navigation, though I’ve heard some negative reviews of that approach also.

However, it’s a simple enough potential fix so I’m on my way. Still, I can’t help but think that the IDE should include something slightly less circuitous.

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Implemented your suggestion about putting my buttons in a container. I put the PagePanel control buttons on top of the PagePanel and it worked flawlessly. Right in the top center where I wanted it.


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