Locking Control coordinates

In past versions of Xojo (RealBasic/Studio) locking a control coodrinate (left/right/top/bottom)
was done using checkboxes (if I recall), and in Xojo its that strange square with padlocks.

By question is… In you opinion, which do you prefer? OR do you have a different idea as to how that might be presented?

that thing with small check boxes USED to animate but it no longer does so
removing the animations in many places removed certain causes of IDE bugs
that could go back to check boxes without any trouble since that is effectively what the locks do

So you prefer checkboxs? or switches? then?

either - thats really a toss up
checkboxes tend to be more compact in a UI
but as long as they can both be made keyboard accessible it really wont matter much

how is the XOJO property inspector keyboard accessible? [never even crossed my mind, as I am a “mouse” kind of guy]

its not - and that sucks for a LOT of people who ARE keyboard people (I tend to be a mish mash of the two)