Locking a line object's width

I am using a line object as a window divider. In the line’s Open event I set line1.lockleft and line1.lockright to true. But when I resize the window the horizontal line doesn’t change length. Feature or bug?


I think it’s a missing feature. Even though the Line object appears to inherit from RectControl, the lock properties don’t seem to do anything. Note that in the inspector, there are no locking controls for a Line.

I’ve always handled it in the Resized and Resizing event handlers, tedious though that may be.

Yeah, that was my guess too (and handling it in resize/resized is what I was about to do). However, it turns out the Separator control happens to fill my needs pretty well and, unlike Line, it behaves nicely with locking, so I’m using that.

Thats probably a better answer in the long run anyways as if the OS should change the look with an update then the separator should just adopt the new look where as a line will just be “a line”