Locking a ChildWindow?

Using MacOSLib, I have created a HUDwindow (NSI.makeHUDWindow) and on opening it from its parent, I include the following:

nsw.AddChildWindow(myAddressBookHUD.nsi, NSWindow.NSWindowOrderingMode.NSWindowBelow) myAddressBookHUD.ParentWindow = nsw

(nsw being the NSWindow of the parent).

I thought that this would lock the child to the parent, making it move with it, but it doesn’t. I have to include a repositioning on the parent’s moved event, which of course brings a delay in synchronizing both which doesn’t look nice.
Did I miss some important declaration? Or is a HUD window not lockable to a parent?

Like always: Thanks a lot in advance!

Solution found: Calling the child’s NSWindow.disableFlushWindow method (before repositioning, but maybe this is better in the open event?) glues it to the parent.

Edit: no, not better in the Open event. Disableflushwindow needs to be called before repositioning – i. e. in the parent’s moved event –, and EnableFlushWindow must be called after setting the new positions. Otherwise the window will still be glued to its parent but its content never gets updated again.