The Language Reference led me to believe that clicking the LockLeft and LockRight icons is the equivalent of checking LockHorizontal in Real Studio. It didn’t work for me so I took the project back to RS and now the containers center as desired. That came with dire warnings that I was loosing data not only when I opened the project in RS but when I saved it too. I have no idea what I might have lost, but everything still works like its supposed to. Three questions:

Does the LockRight, LockRight combo work to center a container for other people or am I doing something wrong?

Will whatever I have lost saving in RS come back if I open and save in Xojo again?

Why would I want to? Other than RS not being supported in the future, I see little advantage to Xojo. It seems to take a lot more mouse clicks to do anything and what does happen, happens slowly. Changing the name of an object takes several seconds to update the screen and that’s if I remember to hit Tab instead of Enter or mousing somewhere else. Then the change doesn’t happen at all.

I am using 2012R2.1 and 2013R3 on a Windows 7 with an i5 processor.

Both left & right icons should be unlocked to centre the object.