Location polling in background with XOJO

I have an app built with Xojo for IOS which now requires the addition of gps location tracking. Basically whilst the user is logged in, the system needs to report location every 15 minutes. This would also need to happen in background ie when the phone has gone into standby mode.

Question: is this feasible with Xojo?
If yes, are there any demos, examples, tutorials, advice.

Hey Hugh, i have the same question. Do you found a solution?
I’m currently testing this for an upcoming project, sending location data is no problem, just when the app is in the background, the location update is stopping.

Maybe someone has a solution.

Best, Matthias

No this is not possible with any iOS App on iPhones in Standby mode or where the app is in the background.

Yes it is possible.

The background modes entitlement has a Location option.

This is what most workout apps do such as Runtastic, skiing apps, even Google Maps does it.


thank you Jeremie you proof me wrong, then I correct my given answer to yes :wink:

Thank’s Jeremie.
I’m actually testing the gps function background mode with location activated.
In the plist i put the NSLocationAlwaysUsageDescription key and in the iOS settings i changed the location service to always. Then it’s working in the simulator but not on my iPhone. I’ve tested several settings, made some restarts, but as i switch to the home screen, the location symbol in the status bar disappears.
Do you have any advice?

I think since ios 13 you need to set location polling to always directly in the settings app.

To see how this is gracefully handled, I recommend downloading the Slopes app.