Localization, issue with Spanish translation

I’ve some localized webapps that were working in English and Spanish, and now the Spanish translation doesn’t work (at least from 2014 r2).

Now with Session.languageCode = "es" it doesn’t work (the app catchs the default translations strings), but I’ve verified that with Session.languageCode = "es_ES" it works fine. The problem is the browser (Chrome 36, Win 7 64 bits) sets the locale to “es”.

Is this a bug or am I missing something?

By the moment I’ve solved it setting the languageCode in the Session.Open Event:

Event Session.Open:

if self.languageCode = "es" then self.languageCode = "es_ES"

This is very interesting. I just tried this here and it seems to be working just fine, as in, when I change my system to Spanish, the code that Chrome sends is “es” and it shows the Spanish constants.

When you said that you localized your app, did you specify all of the constants as “Dynamic” ?

@Greg , yes all the constants are dynamic. I’ve tested it with a simple sample project, it can be downloaded from here: Test project.

When I set the languageCode to “es” I see the default values of the constants, everything works fine if I set it to “es_ES”:

I’ve tested it on Chrome, IE and Firefox under Win7 64 bits, same results.

Do me a favor and file a bug report with feedback and attach your project there. I’d also like to know what language is selected in the Windows language settings. There’s two, one for localizations and one for number and date format.

Also, where are you running this app, and if it’s not your system, please tell me about that system too.

Feedback case #34771 filled.

I’ve been attached screenshots of the regional settings (Spanish/Spain), the system where the webapp is running is the same, Win 7 64 bits.