Locale.CurrencySymbol - This item does not exist?

The following code autocompletes but raises an “This item does not exist” error on compilation (even in the Window open event of a new project):

Dim Currency_Symbol As Text Currency_Symbol = Xojo.Core.Locale.CurrencySymbol

Can´t find anything in feedback on this, so before I raise a feedback report: Anyone else seeing this?

LR Example:

[code]Dim locale As New Xojo.Core.Locale(“en-US”)

Dim symbol As Text
symbol = locale.CurrencySymbol[/code]

is OK.

Thanks Emile! That helped me to find the bug. My code actually contained

[code]currentLocale = Xojo.Core.Locale.Current

Dim Currency_Symbol As Text
Currency_Symbol = Xojo.Core.Locale.CurrencySymbol[/code]

and the last line should have been

Currency_Symbol = currentLocale.CurrencySymbol

Or maybe you want the currency symbol for the current locale:

Dim Currency_Symbol As Text Currency_Symbol = Xojo.Core.Locale.Current.CurrencySymbol

Any way autocomplete confuses the suggestion
you can autocomplete: (as you noted)

Currency_Symbol = Xojo.Core.Locale.CurrencySymbol

but also:

Currency_Symbol = Xojo.Core.Locale.Current.Current.Current

Maybe you can raise a feedback about this