local plugin

Is Xojo supporting local plugin? For example inside ~/Xojo or ~/.Xojo

Plugins go in the Plugins directory in your Xojo install.

Yes, I know. Plugins directory is inside protected folder. I need to install a plugin automatically without using sudo. So, I can only use cp instead of sudo cp

Why do you need to install plugins with cp automatically?
Plugins are compiled into the app when you build a deliverable product…

For testing purpose. Currently, I need to copy <plugin>.xojo_plugin into /opt/xojo/Plugins/ manually. I don’t know what’s best practice to test the new plugin.

You can write a feature request to have other locations, too.

Yes, Maybe it’s the only solution right now.

The whole of Xojo directory?

Found another working solution (not recommended).

Move Plugins directory from xojo installation directory to ~/Xojo and then make soft link to original path.

Why would you say NOT recommended ?
The only issue will be if you try to have multiple users use that install of Xojo as the symlink would point into a private location in your home directory
That would give you a permissions issue

Beyond that it should work just fine

Still doesnt change the fact that you have to restart the IDE to get it to load any new plugins though

Thank you to clarify that Norman.