Local Notifications

In my app I schedule local notifications to be sent a week later. Some of these notifications need to be cancelled. How do I do that? Is it RemovePendingRequests? The documentation is a bit confusing as sometimes it says “schedule to send”, “sent”, “delivered”, “pending” so I don’t really understand what each term means.

Yes, RemovePendingRequests should remove them as far as I remember.

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Thank you, Christian. I’ll give it a try and see if it works. Do you know if Xojo throws an exception if it can’t find the string parameter that I’m passing to the RemovePendingRequests?

  • Scheduled to Send = a notification whose requirements haven’t been met yet, like a repeating notification that happens at some time in the future. IIRC This is the same as Pending.
  • Sent = has already been sent to the device, but not delivered to the user (still appears in their Notification Center) sent = Delivered.