Local Deployment file

I am running a locally-deployed web-app using as the IP address as everything is running find. It replicates a server-based app.

One portion of it loads HTML files. On the server, I can just specify the hard path (“https://www.site.com/prodigy/file.html”) for example.

If I am running the program locally at, how can I specify the location for the files. I have a folder called ‘prodigy’ beside the app that holds all of the files, but neither ‘/prodigy/file.html’ or ‘prodigy/file.html’ or ‘’ works. I just get the file not found error.

Is it possible to load an html file from a web-app that is running on the local machine at

You can load it to a WebFile and then use WebFile.URL to access it.

Make sure you keep the WebFile around so it does not die before you use it.
(Put it as a property of App)

You can also use app.HandleURL to intercept the requests (I’d wrap the code in #if not TargetXojoCloud … #endif to avoid confusion).