Loading PDF file as resource doesn't work

When I import a PDF file into the IDE to use as a resource for my desktop application, Xojo converts it to a PNG file. When I check the contents of the resource folder on Mac or Windows, it contains a PNG file of the same name as the PDF file that I imported, but the PDF file is nowhere to be found.
All other files that I import to use as resources remain unchanged and stay in their original form, as I would expect. Why can I not import a PDF without having it converted to PNG?
Is there some way of telling the IDE that this PDF file should not be tampered with, and just placed in the resource folder like every other imported file?

Use a copy file step in the build steps… That is how I get Word Docs into the resource folder.



That is a Workaround. Thank you for this. :slight_smile:
But the above described behaviour should be reported as an error.

Please report this issue with a small example Project.

Oh, wait! I looked it up in the Docs and there is only the import of Images mentioned: Navigator — Xojo documentation

So, maybe this is an expected behaviour? :thinking:

Thanks, Karen, this worked. In the side panel under Build Settings, I right-clicked on each of the build target platforms and then “Add to build settings” “Build Step” “Copy Files”. Then I drag-dropped the files in and chose “Resource folder” for destination. The files now show up every time in the resource folder unmodified when I run the app in the IDE and when I build for Mac and Windows.