Loading magazine covers from a text file

Hi all,

I have a folder full of magazine covers (unique magazine, all issues from 1 to i) whose name is the same as of the Text file (without the .txt extension, of course).

Actually, I load the text, one line at a time, fill a Data Base Record, and use TrueIndex to load its cover *

  • and this is error prone.

On my macOS machine, I deleted the .DS_Store file to get sync with the text file contents (ie text for issue 1 will have the issue 1 cover). But this is bad for two reasons: if another invisible file will exists on the images folder or if a cover file is missing (may be more).

I would like to get the issue image from the text file (the text file IS the image file excepted there is no file extension), but because I do not know what is the file extension **, I cannot do that.

I could load the image taking the line in the text file and add the image file extension, but what file extension ? webp ? tif/tiff, jpg, png, heic, ?

** In fact, I know what are the file extensions (I just have to look :frowning: at the file names) or I may enforce the use of png, but who will love to use a so nice software ?
Another idea that comes to mind is to open each image file and check the king code in the start of the file, but imagine the time wasted doing that. I have a > 1200 defined issues (pair of text description and cover image)… the batch import takes time to be processed.

I welcome your ideas :wink:

On OSX you could use file in a shell to identify the file type.