Loading External Modules, Container Controls

I am building out the architecture for my app, and am wondering if it would be possible to load in external modules by way of code, such as a set of web pages used to enhance what users can do. One example is a payment processing system involving different payment processors, and users could load in PayPal and later choose to load in Stripe.

i think its more about starting a independent service modul which return a result.

at roadmap

  1. Plugins made in Xojo The ability to write plugins in Xojo for Xojo.

what came in mind is conditional compilation and linking source into the main project.
other windows service apps are gui less :frowning:
to bundle things in xojo project tree i use a modul and inside classes. somehow this build a namespace.

in your example case i think you choose only different web services.
could be handled with a xojo interface that fit your needs and cover all payment functionality.