Loading different plist file

Somewhere I’ve got a problem when updating a plist version for some values. Got a problematic plist version from a customer. However, the last time I tried to put another plist file over an existing one in the prefs folder and logged out/logged back in the old plist file was still loaded in Xojo. Does anyone have a better idea than copying value by value in XCode?

Xojo 2014r2, Mac OS 10.10.

put it in place and force the daemon to flush the cache & reread it using defaults read
defaults read [bundle identifier]

So simple. Thanks! I’ll try that.

If you’re using NSUserDefaults, you can call “Synchronize” when the application first launches. From my experience this works.

declare function synchronize lib "Foundation" selector "synchronize" ( NSUserDefaults as Ptr ) as boolean call synchronize( standardUserDefaults )