Loading a Picture with its DPI

Hi all,

following yesterday troubles loading an image…

To load an image using its native dpi, one must not use the Constructor.

The documentationj (link below) does say nothing about that:

To open a 300 dpi iage and get it @ 300 dpi the code to use is:

Var gPict As Picture
// Then:
gPict = Picture.Open(Image_FI)
// using a valid FolderItem

Set .HorizontalResolution and .VerticalResolution to some value (how do you determine it ?) must be done after the Picture.Open line, but is useless.

For display purposes, I use a Scale value for these properties: [destWidth As Double], [destHeight As Double]

for example:

g.DrawPicture gPict, 0,0, Me.Width/ScaleFactor,Me.Height/ScaleFactor, 0,0, gPict.Width,gPict.Height

It would be a good idea to add information in the New Documentation.