Load Testing

This might be in the wrong channel but this was the best guess I could come up with.

I am looking for a Web Load Testing tool. How many hits can my website handle? the website can be a Xojo WE app or traditional website or whatever. I have used Postman for testing APIs. but I can’t find a Web Load Testing tool that is not a subscription service. Myself and my client wants a tool that can be run internally to their network against their sites.


  • runs in/on linux
  • preferably open source.
  • must be able to run on-prem and not in “the cloud” due to security reasons.


Hey Scott,

Here’s an option: http://www.throng.io/

ab - Apache HTTP server benchmarking tool

You might already have installed on the linux box.

ab is perfect. thanks!

I will take a look at that for my laptop to do some testing.

thanks everyone!!

I know you already have some answers here but I would give Apache jMeter a try. It is a bit more robust.