load settings

[code] sql = "SELECT intID, strEmail, strPassword FROM [settings] "

dim rs as RecordSet = dbDatabase.SQLSelect(sql)

textEmail.text =  rs.Field("strEmail"). StringValue   <--------------- error
textPassword.text =  rs.Field("strPassword"). StringValue[/code]

I get error message on this line. What could be the case?

You have a space between the full stop and StringValue.

True. I now see. But the thing is, the code is copy/paste and it used to work…
I was hoping for a different solution…

It is still error, even without the space.

Maybe the image can give a hint of the issue?

Whats the error ?

“No such table”
Thank you!!

sql = "SELECT intID, strEmail, strPassword FROM ‘settings’ "

why do u need to [] around setting in the SQL?

You don’t. I believe it was a hold-over from VB (at least I remember using [] there alot.

Also… [quote=53151:@Derk Jochems]sql = "SELECT intID, strEmail, strPassword FROM ‘settings’ "[/quote]
No need to quote the table name either… unless it has a space in it.

that is why i always use one word for fields and table name. eg FirstName and tblClientAddress

As a matter of fact… ORACLE will reject your SQL if you quote field or table names… so depending on your goals, it might be a good practice to get into (unless you are handed a database and have no choice)