Load localisable.strings back into project?

A customer has kindly worked through several hundred strings and revised my French translations

What they have sent me is a localisable.strings file.
If I import it, I get a new resource called localisable

Does anyone know how to get these in so that they overwrite my current string translations?

The file contains lines like this:

"Strings.msLarge" = "Grand"; "Strings.msSmall" = "Petit"; "Strings.msMedium" = "Moyen";

a xojo_locale string holds it like this:

longenty_idntstrnStrings.msMediumovalstrnMediumtval strnMoyenplat

drag it onto your project & it should load it

What I get is a little ‘binary file’ icon saying ‘Locaizable’ with an arrow bottom left corner.

hmmm dont recall making changes that should treat a locale file differently but that would seem to be the case here

care to file a report with the locale file & I’ll look at it ASAP