Livin' La Vida Linux Comment

Hello @Paul Lefebvre,

a Comment to your Linux Blog Post as info for users on openSUSE.
The Yast tool (UI) is X Windows and Terminal ready.
And the CLI based tool for installing (and Managing Packages) on openSUSE is:


Just as a Info for you.

The rpms work also Great. (Even work great with multiple Versions installed!) - Im running the RPM baesd Versions.
CLI Install Example:

zypper in glib2-devel-32bit libgtk-2_0-0-32bit libwebkitgtk-1_0-0-32bit[/code] as root or with [code]sudo
zypper in xojo2016r41.rpm[/code] as root or with [code]sudo

As an Aditional Comment. Feedback Runs also good. (I did write in another Post that it had Problems - after some Test i found out it didn’t like my MATE Desktop install - if i use the installed KDE Plasma Desktop it works correctly.)

Best Regards,

R. Landscheidt