Live streaming Xojo development with

A Xojo developer is live streaming the creation of a Xojo app using

Is this the wave of the future?

I’ve only started watching Day 001 so far, but it’s fun to see a new Xojo user feeling their way around the IDE.

So, has Xojo donated a Desktop license to him yet?

I hope not. I couldn’t see anything on the side, because my script blocker prevent loading such a lot of different unnecessarry scripts.

I don’t like pages with to much scripting spam and avoid those pages.

Because you don’t like “unnecessary” scripts? :wink:

Yes :wink:
and the rest I haven’t seen yet, so I couldn’t talk about it.

Big issue. Here is what the video displays upon arrival to the page :

Audio for portions of this video has been muted as it appears to contain copyrighted content owned or controlled by a third party.

As a result, no sound on most of the movie.

Twitch seems to be the evil twin of YouTube. Not only does it use extremely intrusive ads and techniques to display them with nasty scripts, but also applying such a censorship is downright ridiculous.

As it stands, that video is unviewable.

I have messaged the author about this demise, advising he moves to YouTube.

Hey Paul, thank you for sharing my effort on Twitch with the Xojo community. You may still know me from like 10 years ago when I was an enthousiast REALbasic developer. I moved to Xcode with Objective-C as I had Mac OS X and iOS projects only in the past years but am now back with you guys because of the creation of a cross-platform Twitch bot.

I chose to develop this new tool completely out in the open and already had some nice donations and especially great feature request incoming. I am now on day 7 of coding and making nice progress as Xojo feels familiar even after all those years.

I can not control how much Twitch puts on their pages as you watch me, but I can control what music to play so I will remove the copyrighted background music in next software developing streams so that nothing gets muted. Thanks a lot for messaging me, Michel, but I do want to continue using Twitch for this show because that is where my audience is.

Thanks for still being in business, Xojo, your stuff still works :slight_smile:

Best wishes,

Richard from the Netherlands.

As long as you can work around Twitch limitations, I am sure there are a lot of Xojo users who will enjoy your production. Keep up the good work, and thank you for your prompt attention to that matter.