Little problem with combobox

Good morning group. I have a little question.
I have inserted a list of data in a combobox, when it becomes visible, it gives me the possibility to choose a word inside it having activated the autocomplete property. and up to here it’s fine. Now I need that when I select the word with the mouse or hit enter, I assign that word to a textbox. I tried with selectionchanged, mousedown but it doesn’t work … what property should I use?

Show us your code for setting the textfield

in KeyDown event of ComboBox put:

if key=chr(13) then
end if

In TextChanged event of ComboBox put


in above cases Label1.text is where you put ComboBox latest selection

You want to do that live (show all selections until you stop changing ?

Thanks friends it seems that I solved. In practice after the first selection, I could no longer make the combobox appear … but now it works, I moved the visible = True / False properties I used … I put visible = True when I click to make it appear and False for when you have to close in the KeyUp and SelectionChanged properties and it works. Everything OK. Thank you.