Little Kaju problem

I got a couple of reports about the updater not working. I just reproduced the bug. My self-written installer can install the app with authorization. Then the following code in

if not executable.Parent.IsWriteable or not Kaju.IsWriteableRecursive( executable ) then mResult = ResultType.NoWritePermission return false end if


Kaju does not elevate permissions. The scheme I used makes that harder than you might imagine.

The elevated permissions aren’t the problem.The executable after installing with authorization isn’t “IsWriteable” so that the check fails.

We may have a disconnect. Because the app was installed with elevated permissions (“with authorization”), Kaju can’t overwrite it without the same elevated permissions. There is no facility for it to ask for authorization.

Oh, yes, we do have a disconnect :-). I have changed Kaju so that it doesn’t install a new version. Kaju just downloads the new app. So the check makes sense for you but not for me.