ListIndex refresh

Hi everybody
is there a way to make autocomplete with a popupmenu (im sending selection by code text)
If i dont have choice I’ll take combobox BUT (combobox1.text)
is there a way to refresh the listindex to get the listindex value of the autocomplete
Context: A menu “Profile” place all data in all kinds of fields of selected client
I can’t use listindex to re-enter data…the listindex may change
But finally i need the new listindex value to syncro with web form

ok I’ll reduce my post
can i get the new listindex value of the visible item after dynamically inject
text in a combobox.text ( whos corespond to a existing item in that list)

ComboBox1.Text = "abc" For i As Integer = 0 To ComboBox1.ListCount - 1 If ComboBox1.List(i) = "abc" Then // ListIndex is equal to i End Next

I know it’s a easy one for you but…you didn’t just help me to code
With each help I’v get…i try to see problem in a different angle
To solve next by myself