if any example how to use WebListBox with WebPopupMenu

Help Any idea


Could you be more specific?

You cannot use a WebPopupMenu within a WebListBox.

Or do you mean you want to use a WebPopupMenu selection to populate a WebListBox?

Or something else entirely?

Yes i need to click on a cell and then show webpopupmenu to select one and change the data on the listbox

You’ll think to need of a creative way of doing this, as you can’t do what you’re describing in WE. On desktop you could use a contextual menu for the cell, but WE doesn’t support this.

So is no way to do this on web

is a way to use java listbox like a plug-in

can i edit the data on the listbox

Nope. Your best bet with a web app is to have an edit are on your page. User selects line, data appears in edit area. User edits. Might auto-save or have user explicitly save changes.

way is this.


to edit i list of inventory is easy to change the data on the same listbox