listbox with small thumbs

I’m totaly new to programming for desktops. I can work with PHP and ASP. Now I want to make a desktopprogram similar to the image.

Is this possible? Can I find somewhere an example or instruction video?


Totally new? You should start with the manuals.

I’ve read these pdf’s but I can’t find a way to make something just like the image.

Some explanation of the image: On the left side is a listbox with products. Because the name is just a stocknumber, my client needs to see an image to determine what product it is. When someone clicks on a item in the listbox, a form should open on the right side where my client can see the detailed information of the product, with the possibillity to change this information.

Look at ListBox.CellBackgroundPaint to put an image inside a cell.

Here is a screenshot of one of my pure Xojo applications. It looks similar to your screenshot.

This demonstrates that you can create applications that look like the one you posted.

If the listbox itself does not meet your needs, perhaps a container control with a canvas, a few text box and such, will meet your specific needs. You create your own container controls and put in them exactly what you need.

Hoi Erwin,

Wat jij wilt is goed mogelijk met Xojo. Ik werk op dit moment aan een programma met ruwweg dezelfde functionaliteit.
Stuur me anders een private message.