Listbox: what event is firing when moving the rows in the TouchPad ?

To be more precise:

a. the window is not frontmost
b. I move the Listbox Rows using the TouchPad,
c. Only related/implemented events are (IMHO):
Change (fired during the operation ? I do not think so)
MouseEnter (only have commented lines)
MouseExit (only have: ToolTip.Hide and commented lines)

The problem in the project is when I have a window not frontmost and I move its contents serching something. When found, I click in teh Listbox and the window appears frontmost, but a scroll happens and the selected Row is not the one I was clicked in.

This bug appears when I am working with another window of this application and I noticed that can happens when Firefox is frontmost, and I am searching a Row in this application’s window (who is not frontmost, of course).

I do not have thread, Timer, SubClass, anything that can do weird stuff in my back.

The other Events in this Listbox are CellXxx, 2 x ContextualMenu, DoubleClick, 2 x DragXx, HeaderPressed, KeyDown, MouseDown, Open and SortColumn. None of them, I think, can be fired when the Parent window is background (IMHO).

Idea(s) ?

PS: I tried to comment the code in MouseExit, but … I was not able to get the bug (even the original application). Sometimes things go wrong, sometimes brain is not inspired.