Listbox w/Checkbox and CellLostFocus

I have a ListBox where each row of data corresponds to a row in an MSSQL database. All of the columns are editable text except one which is a checkbox. I’m basically using the CellLostFocus event to determine if I need to save the record. The problem is that the checkbox column does not raise the CellLostFocus event. I’m not sure why this is. Am I doing something wrong? Should be taking a different approach?

Any help/advice would be greatly welcomed!

– Rob

Use The Change event to catch a change in checkbox status… Clicking on a cell does not give it the focus

Are you referring to the Listbox.Change event? Based on the LR, the change event fires when the user clicks on a different row but does not fire if the use clicks outside of the ListBox (which can happen in my app). That’s way I was looking at CellLostFocus, which does fire if a user clicks outside the listbox. Am I missing something here??

I think you’re looking for the CellAction event.

Bob is right… I meant CellAction.

  • Karen

Thanks. I will see how I can make that work.