Listbox Vertical Gridlines (ThinDotted) not correct

Specifying ThinDotted for the listbox’s vertical gridlines yields thin solid lines. The results are the same whether you set it in the Inspector of by code. This worked in 2016R3 (I don’t know about R4 since other issues kept me from using it.)

Feedback Case #46271

Windows I assume? because it works under OSX…
Seems there have been a lot of Windows related anomolies with r4/4.1

There are
Related to replacing GDI/GDI+ with D2D I’d guess
They are being dealt with as quickly as we can

Just filed a bug report 48187 (looks like a dupe was created as feedback crashed when I submitted it) , not sure if it’s related to the issue in this post. Seeing thin white lines (horiz/vert) when using a dark background in the listbox on PC. What’s strange is that the issue seems to be dependent on the size/row size of the list box. I haven’t been able to figure out the exact parameters that cause or resolve the issue. This makes PC builds unusable for me at the moment…not so happy about that.

Anyone seen this issue and have a workaround?

Here’s a test project if anyone wants to play around.

One more thing.

As I suspected the issue seems to be a byproduct of the HiDPI support option. Even when solid lines are turned on there also seems to be some variability in the widths they are drawn at. I guess my workaround for now is to disable HiDPI support for windows builds. At least there is a workaround. Disappointing as the improvements in quality are appreciable in all other controls I’ve tested, especially text!

Listbox is a pretty core control so I would have to say that removing the Beta tag from windows support seems to be a bit premature. If this issue has been hanging out there since December that makes me a bit worried. Hopefully a fix can be issued in a dot release or at the latest in the next release.