ListBox - variable row height

Any news on setting the row height in the ListBox for each row individually?

Maybe in the future with the ‘Grid Control’, see the Roadmap.

If you need something now you can explore plugins or try to make your own.

If you can’t wait for Xojo and don’t want to buy a plugin, if it fits your use you coudl use my mergable cell Listbox. I allows you to merge cells across row so so can get variable “rowheights” that are a multiple of the base row height…

The thing it is a subclass of the old API 1 listbox so you need an API 1 compatible project to use it.

If interested you can find it at:



Thank you, I will have a look.

If willing to look at third party controls, consider piDog’s DataView as it is not subclassed from a Xojo Listbox but built entirely upon a canvas control. You not only get variable row heights but LOTS of other features not yet possible with the standard Listbox.

No vested interest; just a user who has found many of it features valuable. I have not yet seen what features the upcoming Xojo Grid control will do. But DataView is available now.


Thanks, I know DataView - it looks really great.

Hes he fixed the problems on Windows?

I do not know.
I know DataView, it is great but I do not use it.