Listbox - Underline text when mouse hovers over cell

I have a listbox with a popup menu when user clicks a canvas item (drawn button icon) in column 4. Prior to the user ‘clicking’, I’d like the canvas item to do ‘something’ visually on hover - similar to how a weblink auto-underlines on mouse over. Is there a simple way to do this with an event handler? I have been experimenting with MouseMove (and MouseEnter / MouseExit) to no avail. Was just going for simple text underline to start with (maybe utilizing ListBox.CellUnderline?) . Sorry if this has been answered a billion times, just haven’t been able to find the answer in the forum.

in MouseMove, determine the cell the mouse is over, set a flag to indicate which cell it is,
invalidate that cell
in the CellTextPaint, check if the cell being drawn and the cell in your flag are the same, if so, override the event and underline the text

YES!!! Thank you! BTW, I dind’t use a flag per se. I created 2 properties to store the mouse position as row/column. Is there a more efficient / better way to accomplish same? See my process below…

In MouseMove…

mRow = Me.RowFromXY(X, Y)
mCol = Me.ColumnFromXY(X, Y)
Me.InvalidateCell(mRow, 4)

in CellTextPaint…

    Select Case column
    Case 4 
        g.DrawString("Lists", x, y)
        Me.CellUnderline(Row, column) = False  
        If row = mRow And column = mCol Then 
               Me.CellUnderline(Row, column) = True
        End If
    Return True
    End Select

that is pretty much what I was describing… and the definintion of “flag” is open to interpetation