Listbox size to Number of rows

I May be missing this or it may have disappeared from the LR.
The instruction used to be to create a Listbox with X number of rows.
There doesn’t appear to anything like that. You have to AddRow or AddRowAt.

Listbox.Cell(-1,-1) has been replaced by Listbox.CellValueAt(-1,-1).

Note: Listbox.Cell was deprecated in 2019r2 and no longer appears in the online documentation. However, it will still work for some time. Also, you can search the online docs for Listbox.Cell and it will show a doc page that states that it has been deprecated and links to the Listbox.CellValueAt page. Plus, if you analyze your project, it will flag Listbox.Cell as deprecated and point you to Listbox.CellValueAt.

Sorry that I wasn’t clear. How can one set a Listbox to have x number of rows all at one time.

Listboxes, unlike arrays, have never had a means of setting a specific number of rows beyond calling add row enough times

Thanks. It had been a long while since I thought of doing that, so that is now officially a bad memory.

ListBox have a .InitialValue where EndOfLine create a new row and tab should be the column separator.
you could subclass your ListBox and add own methods or use extends

PopUpMenu have this AddAllRows