ListBox scroll is slow, very slow !

This slow appears either in the IDE / Standalone (with Xojo 2015r1) and with 2015r4.1 running in the IDE.

The news from earlier today is… this does not appens with the same project, but another (different) window that does not use the Sub-Classed ListBox !

The Sub-Classed ListBox have EditCopy (a Menu Handler) and a Note. That is all.

No, the story continues.

When I deleted the Sub-Classed instance, it had bad effects on my ListBox. I reverted the project to the previously saved state and changed the ListBox Super to Listbox (with the Mouse).

Then, I deleted the Sub-Classed instance, and make a Run. Now, I get errors because I have duplicate Events (that does not exists in the Sub-Classed ListBox I just deleted !).

Where are my hairs and my hands to pull them ?


I reopen the window with the Sub-Classed ListBox and it appeared that its class is the “now defunct” cLB (the Sub-Classed ListBox), not the Listbox class I set it to minutes ago ! I am doomed !

I run Xojo 2015r4.1, load a copy,of the project, remove the cLB reference of the ListBox, cleared in the Navigator the cLB object, save the project file.

I load the project file and tried to run it to get the error messages…

I quit Xojo 2015r4.1.

I run Xojo 2015r1, load the project without the cLB (my ListBox subclass), save it to xml, load the xml project into TextEdit, issue a quest for cLB and get it !


I printed the project to pdf, load the pdf and issued a search for cLB (name of my Sub-Classed Lisbox): no instance of this string was found.

Boooooooooooooooooooooooo… :frowning:

And auto-repeat does not worked, so I had to press the ‘o’ key so many times !