ListBox scroll doesnt work on touch screen

when i try to scroll using my finger on touch screen doesn’t work !!!
please help!!

What type of device are you using? Have you tried two fingers?

I’m using the new samsung touch screen. yes I tried with too fingers and the scroll doesn’t work.
when I use zoom in and zoom out I can scroll but I don’t wanna use it.

[quote=10182:@mohammed zouita]when i try to scroll using my finger on touch screen doesn’t work !!!
please help!![/quote]
Does the page have any container controls? If so, there is an issue where the page cannot be scrolled via the container controls so you must touch somewhere else on the page to scroll it.

Yes, I have my listbox on a container control and I tried what you’ve just said but doesn’t work.
To be more clear, when I use listbox’s scroll it works but with my finger on the midle, it doesn’t work.

So is this a listbox or webpage scrolling issue?

listbox scrolling issue

I was incorrectly focused on webpage scrolling issues with container controls. Your issue sounds separate and unique. A Feedback report with an attached sample project may yield a solution from Greg.

you can reproduce this problem very quickly.

  • start a nex project with realstudio or xojo
  • create a window and add a listbox with several items so the listbox can scroll

on a windows 8 touchscreen, when you touch the items to scroll, it doesn’t work.
You can only scroll by double- touch the scrollbar.

There’s no issue with a mouse, it’s a gesture problem.
Here’s a sample project :

It would be great if you could create a Feedback case with this example project. I suspect we were all thinking you were talking about a web app, since that is what is typically used on touch devices.

I personally haven’t used Xojo or its apps on touch versions of Windows 8.

I cannot seem to Xojo to recognize any click gestures from an Apple MagicPad it moves the mouse just fine… but 2finger or corner taps do nothing (I’ve been in SysPref and tried allthe combos)…

A normal wired two button mouse (logitech) works perfectly

This is OSX Desktop

Just tested your sample on OSX Desktop (10.8.3) with the Apple Mighty Pad. The 2 finger scrollling works fine.

I have the same issue as you on a Windows 8 tablet. Scrolling with gestures is not working. Also the scrollbars do not work as they supposed to do - in short: the listbox control on a Windows 8 tablet is currently useless.

I’ve added a feedback case
number 27083

I’ve tried xojo on windows 8 tablet, the tools list of IDE have same problem…

DId you find something can help me ?
i need to know if its possible to scroll with my window 8 tablet


I tried canvas scrolling (with two sliders). The sliders have the same issue as the scrollbars of the listbox control. It seem that gesture scrolling is not possible on Windows 8 right now.